National Health Insurance (NHI)

 Individuals who wish to enter NHI or apply for other related procedures must apply in person. In the following situations please inform our office within 14 days. Be aware that if you do not notify us in time, calculating your insurance rate will become much more difficult and time consuming.

EVERYONE, excluding the following three types of people MUST join the National Health Insurance System:
1) Persons (and that person’s dependents) receiving medical insurance (or health insurance) from their employer.
2) Persons receiving livelihood protection (welfare payments)
3) Elderly persons aged 75 and up who are enrolled in the Elderly Medical Care Program

Applying for NHI

When moving to Obihiro

   Individuals who possess an Alien Registration Certificate and have obtained permission to live in Japan for at least one year, but who are not covered by their employer’s health insurance or other private health insurance program are REQUIRED to join NHI.
 Apply when moving to Obihiro.

-You will need to bring: Your personal seal (inkan)
 *You may also be required to show I.D.

When quitting your workplace insurance (retiring) When your family’s insurance in inapplicable

  • - You will need to bring: Health Insurance Loss of Qualification Certificate (Shikaku-soshitsu Shomeisho), your personal seal (inkan) and Annuity certificate (for persons who qualify for Retiree  Health Care System)

When you have a new child

 If not enrolled in workplace insurance, the child will start coverage from date of birth. Please apply when you submit your notification of birth (Shussei todoke) forms. People insured by NHI receive a lump-sum support payment for childbirth.

  • Please bring your personal seal (inkan) and NHI transfer notification (Kokumin kenko hoken ido-sho)

Canceling NHI

 Please be sure to return your insurance card when canceling your Obihiro NHI plan.

When moving out of Obihiro

 Please cancel NHI when submitting your Notification of moving out (Tenshutsu todoke).

  • Please bring your personal seal (inkan) and NHI transfer notification (Kokumin kenko hoken ido-sho) and your insurance card

When your insurance card information changes

Please notify us of any changes in name, address, marital status, etc.

If you lost your card, please bring identification for you and your dependents

Contact Us

International and Domestic Relations Section, Community Activities Department, City of Obihiro

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