Financial support for childrearing

 Various ways Obihiro supports children financially from birth through elementary school.

Children’s allowance

 This is monthly support money for households with children in the 3rd grade of middle school or younger. Payments are made in 4-month lump sums.

Child medical expense support

 Obihiro pays for all of your child’s medical expenses until he/she enters elementary school.The city will pay only 2/3rds of inpatient hospitalization expenses while he/she is an elementary school child.

Entrance to kindergarten support

 Children between 3 and 5 years old can receive a portion of their kindergarten entrance fees and nursery care fees from Obihiro. The amount differs according to income. Please apply at your local kindergarten.

Single parent medical support

 The City of Obihiro will cover a portion of the medical expenses incurred by a single parent or their child. (income limit applies)

Single parent widow welfare fund

 Funds that can be loaned to single parent widows who want to become independent. There are funds for entering school or training etc.

Child support allowance

 Single parents can receive this welfare allowance for stability and independence, until their child is 18 years old. There is also financial support for single parents who wish to become independent by entering educational training or getting certification.

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