Rural Environmental Model City Initiatives

About Obihiro

Obihiro is a city in the Tokachi Region of Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. The city economy is based primarily around the agricultural sector, which is organized around large-scale farming operations centered on upland and dairy farming. As such, the city plans to become a rural Eco-Model City revolving around agriculture.

LowCarbon Agriculture and Farming

NoTilling Farming

Popularizing reduced plowing (turning soil), cutting fuel consumption in farming machinery, and encouraging the storage of carbon in the soil.

Appropriate Agricultural Management

Supplying quality compost through crop/livestock integration (reducing chemical fertilizers), managing fields through precision farming using methods like soil analysis, and reducing the volume of pesticide use by utilizing alternatives like antagonistic plants.

Forest Development through Resident Participation

Nurturing and Utilizing Obihiro Forest, a Symbol for Residents

Developing the forest by planting/nurturing trees (5.2ha; 4,400 trees), managing tree density through thinning (59ha), and holding volunteer activities for residents that build up the forest (38ha; 5 groups).
Building and operating the Obihiro Forest Community Support Center to provide environmental education to residents.
Improving pathways to promote the use of woody biomass.

Utilizing Renewable Energy

Exploiting Rich Biomass Resources

Producing pellets from soybean straw, cow manure compost, and wood, and using them as a substitute for kerosene. Using food processing waste, fruit processing residue, etc. in animal feed. Refining used cooking oil for biodiesel fuel.

Adopting Clean Energy

Increasing subsidies for using solar energy systems in homes and set precedence by adopting in public facilities. Running cars and buses on bioethanol, biodiesel, and CNG. Switching to natural gas for heating fuel.

Creating an EcoTown

Attract wood biomass facilities, new energy facilities, recycling facilities, etc. to Nakajima District.

Developing CityWide Public Action

Everyday Efforts by Locals

Popularizing household eco-account books, reducing the amount of plastic shopping bags by using reusable bags, carrying reusable chopsticks and drink bottles, and installing wood pellet stoves.

Cooperation with International Sister Cities

Obihiro is sister cities with Madison, Wisconsin; a progressive city on the leading edge of environmental initiatives in the USA. In 2008 when the Mayor of Madison visited Obihiro, both mayors exchanged information and ideas about the environmental initiatives of both cities.
Then in 2009, after Obihiro was designated as an Environmental Model City, 2 Obihiro city employees were sent to Obihiro to investigate Madison’s environmental initiatives in various fields. Obihiro will use the information gathered in Madison to create its own new initiatives, and plans to continue exchanging environmental know-how with Madison as part of their sister city relationship.


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