Obihiro’s Sister Cities

 Here in Obihiro, we have JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) trainees, study abroad students, and people visiting from all over the world. Obihiro has sealed sister relationships with 6 cities. Citizen to citizen interaction is becoming more and more popular every year, and our ring of friendship is steadily spreading.

Sister Cities
Obihiro has 6 sister cities.


Pioneering Sister City: Matsuzaki Town

 The birthplace of Obihiro’s pioneering forefather, Benzo Yoda. This relationship was sealed in 1978 with the hopes of honoring Yoda and his trailblazers while learning from their frontier spirit.
  We interact through mutual friendship delegations etc. This is an 8,000 person village of romance and flowers located on the west coast of the Izu Peninsula.


Sightseeing Sister City: Oita City

 When flights were created from Tokyo to Obihiro and Oita in 1966, Oita became our Airport Sister City.
  The relationship changed to its current name in 1992. We interact through mutual friendship delegations, product exhibitions, etc. Oita City has a population of 470,00 and it is the Oita Prefectural Capital.

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Industry Sister City: Tokushima City

 The relationship began in 1977 when both cities’ tourism bureaus joined to become sister bureaus, and it was made official in 1982 with Obihiro’s 100th anniversary. We interact through mutual friendship delegations, product exhibitions, etc.
 Tokushima City has a population of 270,00 and it is the Tokushima Prefectural Capital.

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International Sister City: Seward (Alaska, U.S.A.)

 Became our sister city in 1968.
 In addition to cultural and economic interaction, a mutual high school student exchange program was started in 1973, and our friendship continues to deepen.
 Seward is a port town on the east coast of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula and is right on Resurrection Bay. Its main industries are fishing and tourism. Seward has a total land area of 55.8km2 and a population of just under 3,000.

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International Sister City: Madison (Wisconsin, U.S.A.)

 After World War II ended, many Tokachi farmers went to Wisconsin for training and studies. Obihiro citizens have also been making study trips to learn about the “Madison Model” which is a local mental health support system. The sister city relationship was made official on October 25th 2006, and since then the relationship has broadened to include university and youth exchanges.
 The City of Madison is the capitol of the state of Wisconsin and is located in the United States Midwest on the west coast of Lake Michigan, one of the 5 great lakes. With a population of 220,000, a latitude of 43 N, all 4 seasons, and lots of nature, Madison is amazingly similar to Obihiro.

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International Friendship City: Chaoyang (Liaoning Province, China)

 In 1985, Obihiro’s relationship with Chaoyang when we received a delegation from Chaoyang, and the friendship was made official in 2000.  Since 2002 there has been a high school exchange program mirroring the Seward one, and Obihiro also cooperates with humanitarian activities through JICA.  Chaoyang is on the western side of the Liaonang Province in the northeastern part of China. It is located between the provincial capitol, Shenyang, and the national capitol, Beijing.
 Chaoyang has approximately 3,300,000 residents (urban population is 300,000) and a total land area of 20,000km2. Its main industries are agriculture and mining.

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