Garbage disposal: Pick-up days and manners

 Here in Obihiro, burnable garbage is picked up twice a week, non-burnable garbage and harmful garbage is picked up once every other week, and recyclables are picked up once a week. If you have large garbage (furniture, etc) you must apply for special pick up.
 Please put your bags of garbage at the pick-up spot on your neighborhood’s designated day by 9am. 

Garbage is picked up on holidays that fall between Monday and Friday

 However, there is no pick-up from 12/31 to 1/3, nor on the second Monday in October (Health Sports Day)

Separate your garbage correctly

 Disposal of burnable garbage and non-burnable garbage is not free. You must buy city garbage bags (or a special pick-up ticket) to have the garbage picked up.

PDF FileManual on how to separate and dispose of garbage
Information about city garbage bags and special pick-up tickets

Pick-up of recyclables and harmful garbage is FREE (if you properly separate and bag them)

If you have bulk trash (furniture, etc) you must apply for special pick up.

Contact the bulk trash pick-up center: 

Please follow the rules and be polite when disposing of garbage!

・Please put out your garbage in the designated spot by 9am on the correct pick-up day. Never put garbage out on the wrong day.     
・Properly separate your garbage before putting it out for pick-up. Improperly separated garbage will not be picked up.     
・Your designated pick-up spot is shared by everyone in your neighborhood so, please keep it clean and help with snow removal.


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